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How to find and add your Google Tag Manager Pixel ID

Google Tag Manager is a powerful tool and lucky for you installing it in Linkiro is as easy as 1,2,3.

If you’re not familiar with GTM, its functions, or what containers are we recommend watching this YouTube video series by Measureschool to learn more about what you can do with Tag Manager.

If you already have GTM set up and you want to install it in Linkiro, sign in to Google Tag Manager.

Copy the ‘Container ID’ you want to use including the GTM prefix.

Next, head over to your Linkiro personal dashboard and under ‘Manage’ click ‘Pixels’.

Click ‘Add Pixel’, give your pixel a name (f.e. ‘Tesla GTM Pixel’), select ‘Google Tag Manager’ from the dropdown menu, and paste the Pixel ID (Container ID) under ‘Pixel ID’ then click ‘Add New Pixel’ to add the pixel to your account.