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How to find and add your LinkedIn Pixel ID

Follow this guide to find your LinkedIn Pixel ID and then install it in your Linkiro dashboard.

First, sign in to LinkedIn Ads Manager

Click on the ad account you would like to create ads for

Select the  ‘Account Assets’ tab and click on ‘Insight Tag’

The part you’re looking for is the ‘linkedin_data_partner_id’. Copy this, then head over to your Linkiro personal dashboard.

In your dashboard, under the ‘Manage’ part click ‘Pixels’.

Click ‘Add Pixel’, give your pixel a name (f.e. ‘Tesla LinkedIn Pixel’), select ‘LinkedIn’ from the dropdown menu, and paste the Pixel ID (linkedin_data_partner_id) under ‘Pixel ID’ then click ‘Add New Pixel’ to add the pixel to your account.

Easy peasy, right? You’re all set now!