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How to set up custom domains

Custom domains are a great way to increase your brand image and personalize your approach to your audience.

For example:

If you run a company called ‘MyCompany’ then sharing a link that looks like ‘https://mycompany.com/l/content-we-found’ looks a bit better than the default links we’re using.

In order to set that up we need to make sure your domain is pointing to our server by going through a few steps.

First, make sure you’re using a sub-domain for this. For our landing pages for example we’re using https://lp.linkiro.com/ -here we can test all our landing pages-.

Next, go to your Linkiro dashboard and click ‘Domains’ in the left side menu.

Copy/paste the sub domain you created under ‘Domain Name’ and follow the steps you can see in the popup on your screen.

How to create an A record

How to actually create an A record with your hosting provider pick yours from the list below. If it’s not in there try going through any other one below for a general idea of how to do it with your specific provider, or contact us/your provider for instructions.